Extreme Bundle – Flyboard®+ Hoverboard  with 18m X-Armour hose

Extreme Bundle – Flyboard®+ Hoverboard with 18m X-Armour hose


This bundle kit is for the adrenaline junkie. You will get the best hydro-sports equipment on the market The Flyboard® Pro Series and the Hoverboard by ZR® with a heavy duty 18m X-armour hose.
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Product Description

The Flyboard® Pro Series

Re-Engineered to outperform all others, the PRO SERIES futuristic design is a compliment to the ZR® research and development team. The latest edition Flyboard uses the latest in plastic injection and carbon fiber construction technology and weighs 30% lighter than all previous versions this gives the rider a whole new experience providing less water resistance and maintaining outstanding strength. The PRO SERIES boasts the ability for independent foot pivoting which allows the rider to adjust the degree of twist to their comfort and level of experience.

The Flyboard® Pro Series kit includes:

  • 18m Heavy duty x-armour hose
  • 1 pair of bindings
  • 1 rotation system equipped with specific bearings
  • 1  Hose (See below for options and chart)
  • 1 U pipe which reverses the PWC water outlet
  • 1 quick clip for an easy uncoupling between the Flyboard® and the PWC


  • Hydrodynamic efficiency improved by 32%
  •  35% lighter than previous Flyboard® models
  •  Rotating on its axis (from 10 to 20 degrees)
  •  Index pin to lock the spin function and adapt to the users level
  •  Adjustable Nozzles: Change the diameter, orientation and angle; forward or backwards to optimize the use and compatibility with your PWC power
  •  Larger and more stable foot plate
  •  Futuristic design with a transparent hydraulic system allowing users to see the water flow
  •  Turbine interface equipped with a Venturi effect (system allowing an evacuation of the water while using the Flyboard®)
  •  U pipe equipped with a PWC propulsion system.
  •  A rotation system compatible with the entire range of Zapata Racing® products
  •  Shoes strengthened in the front and in the back

Hoverboard by ZR® Add on:

Product Description

Inspired by the movie Back to the future™ and in tribute to the famous Silver surfer™; The Hoverboard by ZR® is a hydro-propelled board, which allows the user to ride in total freedom above the water. Connected to the PWC pump by a hose, the Hoverboard by ZR® user can manage the board with ease and can reach up to 8 meters above the sea, to a speed of up to 40 km/h.

    • Carbon fiber board equipped with foot straps and pads
    • A propulsion system; an ‘oval’ made of
      foundry aluminium

The Hoverboard by ZR® is compatible with Flyboard® kits 2014 and onward.


  • Molded board reinforced with Carbon Fiber, resistant to forces superior to 11 tons per m²
  • One Oval propulsion system, founded from one piece of aluminum to decrease loss of pressure and power whilst also redirecting the water in the right direction
  • Change from goofy to regular mode without with ease

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